Use Tips



                If you intend to use terminator to effectively defend against ransomware and protect your

          personal data, please make sure that you read through the following points before use. 


          1. Manually set trap file

          The automatic trap file created by Ransomware terminator is likely to be countered by ransomware. 

          If ransomware is targeted at collecting the features of automatic trap files, then it is likely to bypass

          the trap files (though the possibility is thin). To ensure 100 percent safety, we strongly suggest you

          to manually set several trap files. This would greatly increase the concealment and randomness of

          trap file. Please select those files that are easily encrypted by ransomware, such as txt, doc, ppt

          and jpg. 


          2. Add the backup filetypes you require.

           The ransomware is embedded with over dozens of filetypes of MS office suite. Therefore, you may

           have to add several file types you deem important, e.g. if you are a programmer of c/c++. To

           prevent code file being encrypted, you should add the file with suffix of ".h .c .cpp" to backup file type.

           Likewise, if you are a programmer of php, then you have to add ".php" to backup filetypes.  


          3. Add the folder or file that needs protection to the protection list.

           For the file exceeding the upper limit (5MB-300MB) of backup capacity, the backup system will not

           back it up. To protect these files, you have to add it to the protection list. If these files are within a

           folder, you can directly add this folder to protection list. The reading is only allowed once the file or

           folder is added to protection list. Any operations such as write, delete, move or rename would require

           your approval.