Intellectual property declaration


               We are the safety technology company that firstly proposes using trap file to track down ransomware

       and that have submitted patent application on May 26, 2016. You can review this patent on China official

       patent retrieval website. Please visit the following website: 



             Please search by inputting "ransomware". Please review "Ransomware prevention method and system"

       after the results pop out. The patent mainly gives description of how trap file technology is used to track

       down ransomware so as to achieve the target of preventing known and unknown ransomware. Meanwhile,

       we are the team that firstly proposes backing up the small file and protecting large file to improve previous

       backup system, so as to change the awkward situation where the traditional backup technology is not strong

       enough to defend against ransomware. You can also visit above website and type "ransomware" and review

       the contents of "Backup protection method and system for ransomware preventing file data” among search