1. How to uninstall ransomware terminator if I forgets password ? 


           Answer:   To defend against malicious attack and protect privacy, the password is required for installation,

                            check and uninstallation. If you are unable to uninstall terminator because you forget password,

                            you can enter system safe mode to uninstall. No password is required for uninstallation under

                            system safe mode.




          2. Is it proper to install terminator on the computer of 32 bit operation system? 


           Answer:  To ensure your data safety, we suggest you to use 64 bit operating system. If you use 64 bit

                           operating system, we convince the terminator can completely defend against known or unknown

                           ransomware almost. However, we cannot guarantee the 32 bit operating system, for a majority of

                           32 bit windows operating system can easily invade the important parts to impair safety protections. 



          3. Can terminator be installed on server?


           Answer:  We are sorry that the current version does not support server. So please do not install the software

                            on server. Even if you have successfully installed it on server, we cannot ensure that the software

                            installed on server can protect against ransomware, because the safety strategy of terminator is good

                            enough to defend against known or unknown ransomware on PC. This safety system is not enough

                            to be applicable to server. If you want to protect against ransomware on server, then the new safety

                            strategy has to be worked out. The current safety strategy is not up to server.