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Version: 1.0.5

Software screenshots
Cautions during use


Intellectual property declaration

Support system: WinXP--Win10

The introduction to five-step defense plan

Rule defense

Abandon traditional feature code detection,establish rule based on different behaviors of each ransomware family,Use rules to defend against known ransomware

Ransomware trap tracking system

Using ransomware will surely go through special law of the file,and create trap file to track down the ransomware.

File backup system

Distinguish file type by file suffix.If any modify or deletion is made to the file that conform to the file backup type,the backup system will back up the file.

File protection system

If a file or folder is added to the protection list,other program only can read it.The authorization is required before conducting any other operations.

Restore clearing system

It is equivalent to the lightweight windows restore system,which is designed for clearing unknown ransomware.